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  1. Hello Everyone,
    My name is Ems C.
    First of all, before I start to share with you how these books impacted me, I want to say that they are fun adventures to read. The characters are very relatable and the events mirror those happening in the world, so they are very entertaining. Behind that entertainment, however, there are messages that made me think.
    I am the kind of person who doesn’t really read much, I am more visual. I was always wondering when I was a teenager why people like to read? What is the benefit of reading? My family is poor, and live in the mountains of Northern Mindanao, Philippines. Things are different there, books are expensive, and people need to spend money on food and housing. When it came to technology, we were behind and even now the internet is not commonly available.
    As the years passed by, things changed; there are more improvements but still we are behind. When social media started, I remember my first ever social media account, a “Friendster” account. You could make a profile that was nice and glittery, you could connect with the people you met in online platforms. I’ve seen people in the computer shop doing research and reading articles, and meeting other people all over the world? I got very curious about it. It was awesome , being able to chat with people all over the world!
    I started to think about being active in social media, I saw a lot of articles that made me realized, Oh My! there is a lot of good and bad things there. Before that, I thought only the news was the way to see what’s going on in the world. Now there were a lot of articles I saw that blew my mind about how horrible people are all over the world. That is why I love more animals like dogs than people anyway.
    So let’s get to the point, I hate human trafficking, kidnapping, killings, and people becoming slaves because they don’t have a choice. It is sad that this truly exist in the world, and so when my husband started writing about these events, it made me think that these are very interesting books that I should read, even though reading is not really my favorite, but that’s how you get more knowledge.
    While I was reading the first Gary Booker Novel, “OPERATION AUSTIN”, I felt like I could connect what’s happening in this world with the good and bad things. It really helped me understand that being alert and being knowledgeable is really needed in our life. It helped me to see the truth and lies, and also what horrible things can happen; it’s always good to be aware of our surroundings so that we can avoid any troubles. This books made me understand more about what real life is! YES! REAL LIFE! because DANGER is always anywhere, and the more information you have, the safer you are. About Paige and Gary, their love story is extraordinary, I cannot imagine that this couple so heartwarming and fun together, they are just like looking forward people. A lot is going on in their life, but they face it together after Paige got rescued by John and met Gary. I love how so openminded they are, actually many people may think they are so fast to grow love, but I can understand because they are both willing to share the care and love for each other. There is my favorite scene in the book while Gary is driving on the way to his place that Paige was saying she doesn’t know what would happen to her if John didn’t found her and she cried. It’s very emotional for me to read that because you may think its just a question for a woman like her, but it’s a million questions for her to answer that she doesn’t even know how to.
    I recommend this book to all, to read it and understand how to help yourselves and others to be aware, especially children, as well as the parents. Be mindful always that everything in this world is not forever, so while we are here and alive, let’s live the best life we can do whatever the situation is.

    Thank you for reading my reviews.

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