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Our life

Love Story

The most important and wonderful part of our life which is the Love Story
Between Me and EMS (My wife ),
so I want to take this as an opportunity to introduce her to you,
Read this article to the end, I am sure you will like it,
Ems and I met in a Facebook group for people who had interests in marketing activities in Asia. I was doing some market development for a company, something I had done in The Philippines before. I was looking for people with that background and the moment I saw her profile photo I said to myself that I needed to know that beautiful woman.
The back story was that after several years of being single, I decided that I wanted to get married. I love being part of building something and I wanted to find someone to share that with. Despite my social nature, I spent one year not dating and devoted my time to working and creating a detailed specification of my future life and the woman I wanted to spend it with. I then joined eight different dating sites, created a search profile, and connected with approximately one thousand women. I eventually reduced that number to about two hundred and fifty profiles, and dated about twenty of them. I found the experience to be frustrating and unfulfilling, although I did have a lot of fun meeting some very nice people.
I was still searching when I friend suggested that I talk to women from the Philippines. The thought had never occurred to me, but when I thought about it I realized that over the years I had known quite a number of men who married Filipinas. Without dragging people through the whole story, I eventually connected with five or six women from that country, visited one of them, and was engaged at the time I met Ems.
At the start, our relationship was professional but quickly became personal, in fact we soon became fast friends and spent a lot of time comisserating over
the poor way our partners were treating us. Eventually, I broke up with my fiance and told Ems that I was going to wait for her to get tired of the way
her boyfriend was treating her. Four months later, she told me to buy a ticket and come meet her family.
That was nearly six years ago. We had a wonderful time traveling together and usually were joined on our trips by her sister, the third Musketeer, so to
speak. We became engaged, she came to the USA on a fiance visa, and we were married in 2019. I realize that many people don’t ‘get’ our relationship; there
is a huge age gap, but to us we never see it. We are remarkably well suited, we enjoy doing everything together, and make a very good professional team as well.
We have adopted three girls in the Philippines, and have many other kids that we support around the world. Specific to our writing/publishing/marketing team, she is an excellent social media professional and has done a lot of fashion influence work on YouTube and other platforms. I have a technical background and business connections all over the world. My excentric background investigating government corruption, biology and building research labs, project management, and business consulting, gives me a unique base of experience from with to create novels.

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