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About Me

Val Campbell

I grew up in Western Washington, USA and would describe my childhood as typical middle class 1960’s Americana, although my education differed from that of most of my peers. In the fifth grade, following a rash of adolescent misadventures, my parents felt it would be best for everybody involved, especially the neighborhood, if I went to a military academy, of the Catholic boarding school variety.


It obviously provided the discipline and structure I was missing at home, because I thrived in that environment. Each year I was the highest rank in my class, soon made the ‘A’ honor-roll, and became the drum major of the marching band. In fairness, and in order for you to understand the motivation behind becoming the drum major, within my first two weeks at the academy it was clear the position required neither drilling-in-formation, nor hours of practicing an instrument. My fertile, scheming young mind soon hatched a plan to occupy that position, and for two years I worked incredibly hard to allow me to become the laziest cadet in school. Perfect!


In my 45-year career in business, I owned companies, managed others, worked as a consultant to businesses and governments, and sat on directing and advisory boards in 50 different industries. Early one morning in early October of 2020, I sat down on an impulse and began writing. I describe that path in this webpage, and musings in my books’ prefaces, so I will not repeat it here; what I will say, however, is that I wish I had begun this journey at the age of 26, instead of at 66.


I want to thank all of my friends, family, and readers who have been so supportive and encouraging. I hope you fall as much in love with the characters in my books as I have.

Operation: Austin

Book One of the Gary Booker Series!!

Operation: Austin

As the story starts, Gary Booker is a 34 year old cyber security consultant, and hacker extraordinaire. Years before, he joined forces with John Byrne, renown enforcer, to create Booker Security Consultants. Together, they and the team they assembled, performed a variety of security work, espionage, and daring missions to rescue trafficking victims.

In the performance of those duties, Gary came face to face with the brutality of human trafficking. Witnessing those unthinkable scenes was devastating, and he developed an alter ego as a result; a persona that helped him segment his life between his two worlds.

At the time the story starts, John has slipped into Las Vegas to rescue a teenage girl who was captured, destined for the harem in the Middle East. Unbeknownst to the team, there is another girl on site who shares the same fate. Not being able to leave her, and with no family to send her home to, John does the only thing he can; he calls his best friend to help save the girl from certain death. The question becomes, who will save whom?

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Operation: Austin – Chapter One

Rescued It says Gary P Booker Jr., Booker Security Consulting, on his business cards, but he rarely hands one out. Most people who contact him either know who he is or are blindly reaching out through a secured channel, having heard there might be someone on the other end who would help them in a desperate hour of need.

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Operation: Austin – Chapter One Continued

As he got ready for bed, Gary’s mind kept wandering over what he did and did not know about the situation. Like most of their deals, it’s what you don’t know that ends up being the most important. You can plan for surprises though, and it seems in this case John’s way of handling this surprise was to call

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How To Write – Tools and Mechanics

If you want to be an author who creates wonderful books that people love to read, it takes work. An obvious statement, right? Well, what I learned, is that most of the work isn’t the ‘writing’, it’s learning HOW to write. When I started, I had never written a novel; I had to learn the mechanics of writing and

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